VESSELS - Internationale Gefäßkunst

Künstlergruppe für Gefäßkunst

Sonderschau VESSELS

Die Sonderschau VESSELS und die Ausstellungen präsentieren zeitgenössische Positionen der internationalen Gefäßkunst aus den Bereichen Keramik, Holz, Metall, Silber, Urushi, Textil und Papier. Die vielfach ausgezeichneten Werke der Gefäßkünstler der Gruppe VESSELS loten bewußt die Grenzen der künstlerischen Gefäßkunst aus. 


Text von Henriette Tomasi: Übersetzung Kerstin Hall, England

The exhibitions presents different contemporary interpretations of international art vessels in ceramics, wood, metal, silver, urushi lacquer, glass, textile and paper. 

  The works by the different artists explore the limits of vessel art. Their experiments are not without a purpose: they strive to find new paths and find answers to unusual creative or artistic issues. 

The group VESSELS  has grown 2010 to 36 artists. The English word “VESSELS” has been the group’s logo from the beginning.

The group made its first appearance in 2004 in the internet. The homepage was installed on 25 July 2004 and provided information about the artists, their intentions and works. 

  VESSELS exhibited in 2008 at the Grassimesse at the Grassimuseum for Applied Arts in Leipzig. Three flyers were published for this show presenting the artists and their ideas.

  The first VESSELS SPECIAL EXHIBITION 2009 presented 14 international artists on a stand of 120 square metres at the new fair EUNIQUE in Karlsruhe. The homepage linked with this first project and a flyer provided all the relevant information about the group.

 In 2010 VESSELS presented itself on a 400 sq.m stand. The VESSELS group produced a flyer with general information about the special exhibition.  “VESSELS EDITION”, a publication of the artists. The first catalogue in this series will be the catalogue of the “Special Exhibition VESSELS 2010”. 

 Another premiere was the “VESSELS ROAD”, a path leading through the exhibition.